How to Protect Your iPad Screen

How to Protect Your iPad Screen

iPads are excellent; they are the perfect combination of laptop and phone while being lightweight and fun to use. But if you have an iPad, you know the struggle to keep it protected and prevent scratches, dents, and even screen shattering. To prevent your screen from getting major scratches, or even shattering, we recommend that you buy a heavy-duty screen protector, possibly one that is thicker than most.

How to Protect Your iPad Screen

Before dropping it your iPad, here you can find Screen Protectors.

There are privacy screen protectors and “shatterproof” ones that promise to keep your screen together even in the event of a drop. But either way, a screen protector will make sure you don’t get scratches that affect the touch capability of your iPad, nor affect the appearance of the screen during use. But sometimes, a screen protector isn’t enough: you need to invest in a really good case.
Cases for iPad can range from the cheap to the insanely expensive.

We don’t have any recommendation for how much you spend, as long as you get a quality case that can withstand a drop. There are even pretty cool ones that are designed for kids if you’ve got little ones who frequently use your iPad and drop it.
But what happens if you do drop it, and the screen shatters? Did you just eat $600?

How to Protect Your iPad Screen

Replace the Screen

Many people find that iPad screens are sensitive and prone to shattering. If you find yourself with a shattered screen, you’re probably thinking you’re just going to have to deal with it until you can save up to buy another one. But that’s not the only option! You can choose to buy an iPad screen replacement kit off of Amazon (from a licensed seller with actual Apple products), or you can take your iPad to a licensed Apple repair shop.
If you have no money or money is the problem, we recommend that you at least try to replace the screen by yourself.

Note: this takes time and effort and isn’t exactly easy.

To replace the screen, start with your purchased replacement kit that has the screwdriver, tools, and screen (make sure it’s proper size for your iPad model).

How to Protect Your iPad Screen
Older iPads (prior to Generation 4) need a heat gun to melt the glue off the broken screen. Use a heat gun on low for 10-20 seconds, and then pry the screen off with a razor or other flat edge. Do not try to pry open the top right side with the razor where the power button is- you’ll cut connections and then have to really replace the whole iPad. This takes a while, and also makes the screen shatter more so just be prepared. Heat as needed until glue comes off.

Take the camera and the home button off the old glass and put it on the new glass (making sure to line it all up right). Use glue (like super glue, not kid’s school glue) to secure the new screen in, let it dry, and then power the unit on. You should be back in working order!

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