Problems & Solutions IT How to remove extension from My Browser

How to remove extension from My Browser

How to remove extension from My Browser

Here we will show you How to remove extension In Your Browser.

Here we will show you for the two most popular browser:

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

For How to remove extension Follow instruction Below:

How To remove an extension from Google Chrome:

On your browser, click menu.

Select More tools > Extensions.

On the extension that you want to remove, click Remove from Chrome.

A notice to remove the extension will appear. Click Remove.

If an extension has an icon in your Chrome toolbar, you can right-click on the icon and select Remove from Chrome to uninstall the extension.

Note: Sometimes you will need to restart your browser to see changes.

How to remove extensions and themes Mozilla Firefox

Click the menu button  New Fx Menu and choose Add-ons. The Add-ons Manager tab will open.

In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions or Appearance panel.

Select the add-on you wish to remove.

Click the Remove button.

Click Restart now if it pops up. Your tabs will be saved and restored after the restart.

We hope that this helped you.

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