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How to remove Windows 10 login password

How to remove Windows 10 login password

Maybe you have add password accidentally, or sometimes maybe you want to have a password, and you have added, but now you don’t want to have a password. You no need to worry about it; If you don’t want every time to enter a password when you start up your Windows 10 PC. We have the solution how to remove login password on Windows 10.

How to remove Windows 10 login password follow instructions below:

On the desktop click “search”  in left corner (down.)

Then on the search bar type “netplwiz”

and on the top of the result, you will see “run command” and click on it, to run a command.

Then uncheck the box “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.” and press “apply”

And will appear this screen “automatically sign in.” Here you will need to enter your password (Do not forget to re-enter your password to confirm.)

Then press “ok” and again “ok.” to save the change.

And this is it; you have no login password more on your Windows 10. Note: You must restart your computer to see these changes.

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