Problems & Solutions IT How to replace the CR2032 (System clock) battery

How to replace the CR2032 (System clock) battery

How to replace the CR2032 (System clock) battery

Most computers have a system clock backed by a CR2032 (CMOS) battery unless you have an early PC or XT model. It keeps the time in case of a power outage, system upgrade, or even if you are moving your computer to a different room.

NOTE: Before starting with replacing a CR2032 (System clock) battery, make sure that your computer is disconnected from the power supply.

Follow the instruction for: How to replace the CR2032 (System clock) battery

1.  First, get rid of static electricity, and open your PC.

Place the upper part which looks like a bracelet on your hand and bottom that looks like a clamp put on the computer cases

2. Find a small battery like this:

3. Push a small (What do you call it?) with your thumbs and take it out.

4. Push the new battery in.

5. Close your PC and turn it on. You will need to set the time: Turn it on your computer then open Bios by pressing “Del” or “F2”. Set the time and date and press “F10” to save the change and your computer will restart and will start again.

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