How to rotate screen Android Samsung Tablet

Do you have a Samsung tablet, and do not know how to rotate it from portrait to landscape or vice versa. Or your Tablet is locked in one of the following portrait or landscape modes and you do not know how to unlock it. Or you just want to choose between portrait or landscape and lock it, however, you can find your solution here. In this article, I’m going to show you how to rotate your screen on a Samsung tablet and lock or unlock it when it’s in portrait or landscape mode.

How to rotate screen Android Samsung Table

On your, Samsung Tablet Swipe down to see your Quick Settings.

samsung tablet screen rotate

If your Tablet is on Landscape mode and is locked you will see Landscape Icon with a padlock. Then tap on it!

samsung auto rotate

Find your Position and lock it, or just Choose auto-rotate, This will automatically rotate the screen when you rotate your tablet.

You can also find this tutorial on the following video:

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