How to set the Time on AEG Oven

Oven clock flashes or time displaying 00:00! If the oven clock does not work, then the oven does not work properly, we can not turn on or bake our favorite dish. This happens after a power outage, or when we turn on the oven for the very first time. The time should also change when switching between winter and summer counting and vice versa from summer to winter counting. However, you can set the time very easily and simply.

In this article, I’m going to show you How to set the Time on AEG Oven

How to set the Time on AEG Oven

Press the clock function button on your oven until the clock symbol appears in the display

Then Use the + and – buttons to set the time,

How to set the Time on AEG Oven set

Once you set the time just leave for a few seconds and the timer will set itself.

In the following video listed below, you can see all these instructions.

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