How to set up Windows 10 phone, First-time use

How to set up Windows 10 phone, First-time use

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is a mobile operating system that is developed by Microsoft. The Windows 10 Mobile for the first time was released in the 2015 Year. Before Windows 10 mobile was Windows Phone 8.1 and after releasing of Windows 10 mobile many of the users with Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones are eligible for upgrading to a newer Windows 10 Mobile for free but must be in according to hardware compatibility and manufacturer support.
This OS is designed for smartphones and tablets that running on 32-bit ARM processors architectures.
Windows 10 Mobile for the very first time was released Lumia Smartphones that was on February 12, 2015. But to this day they are far behind their competitors, iOS, and Android.

However, let’s back to our topic. Did you buy a new Windows 10 smartphone or before you buy you would like to see what the very first startup looks like, how looks the home page? In this article, we’ll show you how to set up your Windows 10 phone, First-time use.

How to set up your Windows 10 phone, First-time use

Hold down the “Power button” on your phone until it turns on.
When it will be turned on the first step is to select a language, once you’ve finished, click “Next.”

Language Next

And you will see this, and again click “Next.

set up Windows 10 phone

Then will appear “Terms of Use” just click “Accept” to agree to “Windows Phone Terms of Use” and “Windows phone privacy statement

Terms of use Windows 10 mobile

And after accepting the Terms of Use, will appear “Connect to Wi-Fi” Find your Wifi Network and connect, and then tap on “Next.” “Note: If you have no Wi-Fi Network just click “Skip

Connect to WI-Fi

Then you will see “Wi-Fi Sense” Our recommendation is to selects all box ” for Automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks” and ” Allow me to exchange Wi-Fi networks access with my contact,” and then tap “Next.

Wi-Fi Sense

And the next step is “Choose Phone Settings” There are 2 types: Recommended and Custom. Our choice is “Recommended” With this choice we leave the phone to set itself, to make setting it is best for the phone.

Choose Phone Settings

Once you’ve made your “Phone Settings” the next step is “Time and Region.” Choose your “home country” and then choose your “time zone” and tap on Next.

Time and Region

The next will appear “Keep your life In Sync.” Here you need to Sign in to Microsoft account which will help to make your phone secure. It also you can sync your photos, contacts, documents, passwords, and many more.
if you do not have a Microsoft account, just click on “Create one” for creating a Microsoft account. But if you don’t want it, just click “Sign in later.”

Keep your life In Sync

And finally, in your display will appear “Almost done” just tap on “Next.”

set up Windows 10 phone

This is all, enjoy your new Windows Phone.

You can also find this whole process in the video below.

I hope that this article “How to set up your Windows 10 phone, First-time use” it would be useful for you

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