How to speed up Android Phone?

How to speed up Android Phone?

How to speed up Android PhoneIn this article you can find information about “How to speed up Android Phone?. “It is very common that same devices are not behave as same as others. Some are very fast comparatively to others. In Android device, it is seen very commonly.

How to speed up Android Phone? Here are some instructions.

Must keeping update of Apps

First of all, you should make sure that is your phone is keeping up to date? This is very important for speed up the Android phone. First, launch the Google Play Store and enter into the menu button. In my Apps, check all the app for making the update.

No background Apps

After using any apps, you must close it properly by which ensure that there are no apps in the background. In multitasking operation, there are many apps that hamper our speed in small. But some video apps like YouTube affects battery life very much, obviously when it is in the background. It will be the best of completely closing this app using any advanced task killer app.

Remove background data

Background data also plays a very worse role in making slow of speed. Facebook, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. are constantly download data so it should be stopped. By going to setting option and De-select background data, you can easily stop it. That will speed up the android phone of yours.

Proper use of Google services

Android device has the automatic access to Google services. All of the services like G-mail, Current, Google+, etc. are not needed to use at a time. So you must turn off these which is not necessary. At first, open settings and delete these services that you don’t want. Then in account select appropriate service.

 Clear app data / cache and De-fragmentation of memory

Clearing the cache is a very important. After each use of the application is good to clear the cache of the application. This will free up more memory on your phone and will speed up your phone.

As like a PC, for better performance of your Android phone De-fragmentation is a very essential task. Some free apps are found on Google Play that is used to do it. After tapping menu button choose ultimate boost. Then select level manager.

I hope that this article “How to speed up Android Phone?” would be helpful for you.

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