How to turn on or off Dark Mode Huawei Smartphone

If you have a brand new Huawei Smartphone or if you’re brand new to the world of smartphones and have heard of this new feature called Dark Mode, which gives you a dark theme option on your phone if you’re interested.
Now that you’ve learned about it, we’ll show you how to turn on Dark Mode on your Huawei smartphone once more so that you can start using it for yourself and saving battery life or reducing eye strain at night by enabling a darker setting than what is already available in your Huawei Smartphone.

How to turn on or off Dark Mode Huawei Smartphone

On your Huawei Smartphone open the settings menu,
Into the settings menu scroll down to the Display & brightness and tap on it.

Huawei Dark mode Display
Then Here in the Display & Brightness menu is a “Dark Mode” Just toggle the button to turn on or to turn off the dark mode.

huawei dark mode

Toggle right to turn on dark mode.

huawei dark mode toggle
And to turn off dark mode toggle left.

huawei dark mode on

In the following video listed below, you can see all these instructions.

We hope that this article, “How to turn on or off Dark Mode Huawei Smartphone” is helpful for you.

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