How to turn on or off Dark mode Xiaomi Phone

In this article, I will be teaching you how to turn on or off dark mode on your Xiaomi Phone. The dark mode on the MIUI Smartphones is also known as night mode or black mode.
This mode is designed to reduce eye strain and save battery life by reducing the usage of color choices on the display.
This will benefit most during night hours to reduce eye fatigue because we all know that these phones have become our primary everyday means of accessing information and many other things. The last important note is that this mode will allow you to use your phone at night or in dark places with less fatigue in your eyes thanks to the darker background.

To Turn off or On the dark mode on your phone Open the Settings menu.

Into the settings menu scroll down to the Display sections and open it.

Xiaomi Dark mode Display

Here into the display sections are both mode, you can choose between light or dark mode.

Xiaomi Dark mode

In the following video listed below, you can see all these instructions.


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