Is Microsoft security essentials good enough to secure PC?

Is Microsoft security essentials good enough to secure PC?

Is Microsoft security essentials good enough to secure PCIn this article, we will show you Is Microsoft Security Essentials (Antivirus) good enough to secure PC? Microsoft Windows is on of the most popular operating system today. But because of this, they face more security threats than any other operating system nowadays. Even the security updates and service packs that Microsoft releases are not enough to thwart the malicious codes.

That is why the majority of the PC users need to use third party system security and anti-virus products. This is fine for the business users, but the users with a tight budget opt for the free alternative to commercial anti-virus software. To cater to the need of these users, Microsoft has released version 1 of its Security Essentials software. It replaces the company’s Live OneCare.

Codenamed as Morro, Security Essentials is built on the core of Live OneCare.

However, it sheds the backup, firewall, and performance tuning feature set of its predecessor and comes as freeware. To keep the spyware and viruses at bay, Security Essentials uses the real-time shield as well as definition files. Besides, it also has anti root-kit functionalities. There are many similarities between the beta version of Security Essentials and its final version that is now available for download.

The software uses the SpyNet technology Of Microsoft for malware detection. Is Microsoft security essentials good enough to secure PC?

The users need to select a SpyNet membership. The average computer users who are not much tech savvy will appreciate the streamlined and simple interface of Security Essentials. The main interface has 4 sections- Settings, History, update and Home. The color coding used for indicating threat level is also self-explanatory. The scan settings can be customized as per user convenience in the Home tab. It is also possible to scan from Windows Explorer using right click menu.

The auto update settings are fairly simple.

And the users can choose to update the software manually as well. The software performs a scan on attachments and the files that get downloaded by default. The software installs pretty fast and does not require much user intervention. It speeds up the shutdown and boot up time of a PC to an extent.

However, the Full scan is slower compared to third party system security suites. Microsoft has ensured that the software does not consume much system resource and it works without bogging down the system. The software may attract a lot of users because it is offered free and offers decent features in a package. The only caveat is that it will not work on the PCs that run illegal copies of Windows, thus keeping a large number of PCs outside its cover.

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