LG washer dryer combo, CD code appear, What it means and why it appears

LG washer and dryer combo, CD code appeared on the display – what does it mean you may ask?
In this article, I’m gonna show you what is and Why appears the “CD” code on the LG washer dryer combo machine. LG washing machine cd code.
This code actually means Cool Down Mode.
The Cooling Down mode means that your drying cycle is complete and the door will remain locked.
It’s not an error or something out of the ordinary which is happening on your LG washing machine – this is a feature that allows your washer to periodically tumble your load (for up to 4 hours) which rearranges and fluffs the clothing to avoid wrinkles!
If you don’t like to wait it? no problem you can stop this, all you have to do is just press the Pause/Start Button on your LG washer and then Cool Down Mode will automatically stop, and the lid will be unlocked, and you’ll be all ready to open up the washer and get your freshly-clothed items.

In the following video listed below, you can see all these instructions.

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