Qi wireless charging (Qi Certified product)

Qi wireless charging (Qi Certified product)

Isn’t that something to do with Chinese religious beliefs? Well yes – and a whole web site could be devoted to that subject alone. But as far as we need to know here it means something like “life source” or “energy flow”. Which is enough to explain why Qi wireless charging is so-called. It’s pronounced ‘Chi’ by the way. OR open interface standard (which come from the Chinese word qi) and defines wireless power transfer. (Source wikipedia).

Qi wireless charging

So what is Qi wireless charging?

It is a global standard. It ensures that any Qi charger will work with any Qi device. It’s as simple as that.

Remember the problems we’ve all had with charging our cell phones in the past? Your charger is lost/broken/ left at home. Remember the running around asking everyone if their charger will fit your phone?

Or maybe you’ve experienced wrestling with your cell phone at home, trying to plug it into the charger. Only to realize that you’re trying to connect to the charger of your old phone. Or a partner’s phone. Gameboy. Or e-book reader. Or a notebook. You get the idea
A global standard will prevent this in the new generation of wireless charging.

How does Qi wireless charging work?

This is inductive charging as described on the home page of this site. There is an electrical coil in both the transmitter (charger) and receiver (device to be charged). An alternating current in the transmitting coil creates a magnetic field. This creates voltage in the receiving coil and so charges the battery. Or also Inductive charging of your phone.

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