Recharge Your Smartphone 50 Percent Faster

Recharge Your Smartphone 50 Percent Faster

Recharge Your Smartphone 50 Percent Faster

At this article, I’m going to show you how to Recharge Your Smartphone 50 Percent Faster. In your experience, there’s one day when you have to go to a place for a particular purpose immediately, and all day long you forget not recharge your cell phone as a deadline for preparing for the departure.

Recharge Your Smartphone 50 Percent Faster: Limited time

The rest of the time you have just enough for a quick shower and eat in moderation, and you just can recharge your cell phone power bank for a period which is very little. For those critical moments, use this procedure to speed up the process of recharge on your mobile phone.

Recharge Your Smartphone 50 Percent Faster: Connectivity

First of all, know that your smartphone or tablet that has a variety of sensors and also a special modem enables connectivity for WiFi, cellular, 3G, LTE, GPS, NFC and much more. To make your phone active all these sensors/ signals, the battery of your mobile phone must continue to provide constant power supply so that each component remains active and keeps you connected. You already know where it goes, is not it? Also, you can see our previous post: How to increase your Android Smartphone’s battery life.

With this, then if you turn off all sensors in the smartphone and modem, then the battery energy consumption will be reduced as much as possible and will be able to speed up the process of charging the phone’s battery. Also, this can speed up Android Phone. But we are talking about the theory of the battery charging. This method will be able to save time recharge up to 50 percent compared to recharge it as usual.

In short, if you ‘re in a hurry and only had a little time to recharge before heading off to a place, then do recharge in airplane mode position.

No matter whether your Android phone, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, so you do recharge in a position to airplane mode, then you need time to recharge to full will be shortened by half. Good luck!
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I hope that this article “Recharge Your Smartphone 50 Percent Faster” would be helpful for you.

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