Skype problem fatal error: failed to load library “dxva2.dll”

Skype problem fatal error: failed to load library “dxva2.dll”

failed to load library "dxva2.dll"

“failed to load library “dxva2.dll”

Skype problem fatal error: failed to load library “dxva2.dll” this happens on Windows XP operating system.

Because Windows XP have DXVA 1.0. DXVA 2.0 support windows vista or later. This is DirectX Video Acceleration.

And on latest version of Skype included DXVA 2.0 for better quality for video calling.

And this is one step in front to stopped support for XP.

But for now we have a solution for this. By downloading this dll files and add in skype directory

failed to load library "dxva2.dll"

 What is DXVA2.dll

DirectX Video Acceleration is a Microsoft API. Platforms which allows video decoding to be hardware accelerated.
The DXVA is  software video decoders to define a codec-specific for the hardware-accelerated decoding and rendering of the codec.

The functions which is used by DXVA DDIs they are not accessible directly by a DirectShow, but they are supplied as callback functions to the video renderer. As such, the renderer plays a very important role in anchoring the pipeline.

DXVA2 implementations come in two variants: native and copy-back.

With native implementation, the decoded video stays in GPU memory until it has been displayed.
With copy-back implementation, the decoded video is copied from GPU memory back to the CPU’s memory. “Text from Wikipedia”


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