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Usb device over current status detected

Usb device over current status detected

This message show when you turn on your PC, and after 15 seconds your PC turns off?

USB device over current status detected !!! system will shutdown after 15 seconds. “

Well don’t worry, that’s why we are here. We have the solution for this problem. ha ha.

You don’t need to worry, that’s not a dangerous problem.

The solution for “Usb device over current status detected” is the following:

Attention: Before you try anything to do with this problem, make sure that your computer is disconnected from the power supply.

The Problem is: Broken USB port, probably you’ve broken your USB port, and now the broken USB port makes an electrical problem (electrician conduct with the ground) on your motherboard,

and that’s why your PC is shut down himself, so it can prevent more damage to happening to your computer.

All you need to do is to find your broken USB port and make it straight again. So pins from the USB it should not be touched by anything.
If your front USB ports are broken, you can just unplug it from your motherboard, and there you have it, your PC works again.

We hope that this article “USB device over current status detected” would be helpful for you.

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