What is dwm.exe?

What is dwm.exe?

What is dwm.exe? Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe) is seen on computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7 as dwm.exe on the taskbar.

What is dwm.exe

The Desktop Window Manager is responsible for the new eye candy style or (Aero) graphical user interface on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Instead of the two-dimensional desktop, you had on older versions of Windows such as Vista’s predecessor Windows XP,

you have a three-dimensional desktop that allows for shading and three-dimensional transitions between windows.

The Architecture of the Desktop Window Manager is innovative compared to its predecessors. It sends all graphics through a media integration layer before it gets sent to the video card. Although on the newer more powerful graphics cards the Media Integration Layer can be processed on the graphics card saving up system resources for other operations.

The Hardware Requirements for the Desktop Window Manager are pretty lax for today’s newer computers.

Pretty much every computer made these days supports The Direct3D and Pixel Shader prerequisites for the use of Desktop Window Manager. For those that don’t like the eye candy look that Desktop Window Manager provides the Windows operating system.

It’s easy to disable dwm.exe. Here you can find how to disable dwm.exe.

In a three step hassle free process you have your classic windows manager back in place.

So if you’re worried dwm.exe is a virus, it’s not. It’s part of the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems and is harmless – and does not take many resources in the performance of its job, so the only real reason to disable it is if you just don’t like the eye candy it provides.

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