50W Tilswall hot glue gun, Review

50W Tilswall hot glue gun, Review

Are you in search of a hot glue gun? You are in a right place, Today in this article we´re going to show you a review 50W Tilswall hot glue gun.

50W Tilswall hot glue gun

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Smooth Round Socket and Silicone Suction

Hot Glue Gun Smooth Round Socket + Silicone Suction

The smooth round socket with a silicone suction helps to keep the glue stick stay fixed on the glue gun.
There is also no need to pull out the glue sticks after each time using, all you need to do in the next use is to insert a new glue stick that will help to push the remaining short sticks. This glue gun is universal and is suitable for all glue sticks with diameter Φ7mm

Safe for use

 Protective Silicone Cap:

Protective Silicone Cap

The contact with the nozzle of Glue hot guns can be dangerous because you can get burns, but Tilswall hot glue gun has a protective silicone cap (Silicon cover on the nozzle) which reduces the odds of you getting burnt by the nozzle or glue, or your fingers coming into direct contact with the nozzle or the glue. That makes it safe for use especially when the kids doing any crafts with it.

ON/OFF button and LED indicator:

Hot Glue Gun ON OFF button and LED indicator

It also another useful and safety feature is that has an on/off button,
this helps you to switch the power when you’re in the middle of a project without pull or plug from the socket frequently.
(Recommended: if you are finished with the using pull down the power plug.)
It also has a LED indicator which shows you when the glue gun is on,
It also will help you in minimizing the risk of burns.

Widen Support Bracket

Hot Glue Gun Widen Support Bracket

Tilswall has a plastic support bracket that helps the glue gun standing stable while in use. It also you can easily set it aside this plastic support bracket.

Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic Handle

It has an ergonomic handle, which is very important for all tools
The 4-finger Handle which is precisely designed by Ergonomic standard will provide you a good grip, and make you feel relax even you are using it for a long time in big craft projects or just for quick repairs in small craft projects.

Hot glue gun Heater and Power

High power hot glue gun Tilswall will help you to make your project quickly and effectively, the higher power is 50W which makes the warm-up time under 3 minutes. It also the constructions is a combination of 2 materials POM & Nylon shell that is high temperature resistant.
Tilswall hot glue gun has a premium PTC automatic heating system which helps to keep the constant temperature at 329℉ ( 165 ℃ ) for fast access to hot glue, and more.

You can find more on a video listed below, Hot Glue Gun, Unboxing & Review, How it Works

I hope that this article “50W Tilswall hot glue gun, Review” it would be useful for you

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