Bosch Tassimo Happy Review

Bosch Tassimo Happy Review

In this article, I’m gonna make a Review of a Bosch Tassimo Happy coffee maker, or better known as a Tassimo Happy the essentials one! Simple and easy to use, with just a one-button operation, simply press a button, and comes 1, 2, 3, SMILE!

Tassimo happy

Tassimo Happy Size, Less space, more fun

This coffee maker does not take up much space and fits in any kitchen, with only 1.5 kg weight and Dimensions: (L x W x H) 23 x 36 x 30.5 allows you to place it in any corner without taking up much space. It also here is a removable water reservoir with a size of 0.7L. You can make even more beverages, one by one, without having to refill the tank.

INTELLIBREW barcode technologyIntellibrew

Thanks to his intelligent recognition of the T-Discs who it does with а intelligent bar code reader that ensures a delicious drink every time.
Intelligent recognition of the T-Discs helps to regulate the amount of water for each Capsule, the temperature, and also, the preparation time for each Capsule, and at the end of this process you will take a Perfect cup of tee, Coffee, or Hot chocolate, what you have prepared. The perfect dose in each beverage!


Bosch Tassimo happyIt also, with Tassimo Happy you can make a variety of drinks, on the market are over 40 drinks from well-known brands: Included Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate. Another good thing is the auto cleaning system which helps after each brewing cycle, to clean the machine automatically with steam pressure.

Heating and Power

Bosch Tassimo happy has no heating up time! This means that does not take a long time to heat up, which allows you to prepare drinks quickly, it also to prepare more drinks quickly for the whole family or your friends without taking too much time.

Small but powerful, it also These are energy-saving models. The power is 1300W.

Bosch Tassimo Happy Colors

This model comes in different colors such as Black, Cream, Just Red, Wild Purple, Red/White, and Red/Black.

Bosch Tassimo happy color

Otheradjustable cupstand

Other things are the adjustable cup stand, which fits perfectly for every drink you make, no matter your cup or glass preferred height. #

Automatically switch off mode and many more features.

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You can see the whole Review on the video below.

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