BT-168 Universal Battery Checker, Review

BT-168 Universal Battery Checker, Review

We use a wide battery of AA, AAA, C D 9V 1.5V and button Cell Batteries in our daily lives. All electronic devices like cameras, TV remotes, torches, toys, clocks, and medical equipment run on these batteries. They are also called pencil-sized batteries.
The Battery Testers provide us with a measurement of leftover batteries and can help us use them optimally. They are simple to use and they come inexpensive.
We have already said most of our devices in daily life run on batteries. Batteries have become an important part of our daily lives. With a little bit of care, we can optimize the life of our rechargeable batteries.
An important tool in improving the efficiency of the battery is using a Battery Tester.

However, let’s back to our topic, today We will talk about Universal Battery Checker for AA/AAA/C/D / 9V / 1.5V Button Cell Batteries.

Universal Battery Checker Unboxing & Review How it works testing with different batteries

BT-168 Universal Battery Checker, Review

The BT-168 battery tester checker small tool which is quite useful and accurate.
This battery tester is quite effective and is very easy and simple to use. It has a small size and it is lightweight, which is easy to carry, and compact that can be placed anywhere takes up no space at all.

The BT-168 Will tell you if you need to Replaced your battery if the battery running low, or if your battery is good and no need replacing.
It also is a must-have tool for everyone who uses rechargeable or regular batteries.

With the BT-168 battery tester checker, you can test different battery types.
The caliper style gauge is simple and easy to use (to slide) and is user friendly.
You can check rechargeable and standard household batterie in different sizes such as Button Cell Batteries, AA, AAA, C, D, 1. 5V, and 9V.


This battery tester has a small analog display with a needle indicator which is easy to read, It’s a combination of colors, Green which means good, Yellow which means low, and Red is replaced or recharged.

Into the video listed below, you can see the full review and using instructions of BT-168 Universal Battery Checker. It also How it works.

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