Butane Soldering Iron

Butane Soldering Iron

Butane soldering irons are top of the line when it comes to soldering. You can solder just about anything. Solder musical instrument pick-ups or radio electronics. The possibilities are endless.

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This product is intended strictly for use in the Professional and Industrial environment. In accordance with Federal Regulations home use of this product is prohibited.

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Weller Soldering Iron The #1 Soldering Brand In The World!

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Weller is the brand that has been created through technological research which goal is to create a soldering iron technologically suited for the future. People all over the world recognize Weller as the industries number one go to brand for all types of soldering needs. Weller has been responsible for trends such as the micro soldering iron which offers high speed regulation and hand soldering tools for lead-free applications. This goes to show that Weller is always committed to meeting the customers needs!

The most portable soldering iron you could have asked for. This magnificent tool is lightweight, compact, and cordless. The Piezo ignition with push button can easily be adjusted to your liking from 25-watts to 75-watts. This is the ultimate portable soldering tool! Your productivity will be high because it heats up fast and melts solder in less than 40 seconds.

This baby gives you the ultimate power and control over all of your soldering projects. With the push of a button you can be melting solder in less than a minute. Every time you need to refuel it is easily done in 20 seconds. You could not have asked for a better product.

Soldering tips and hot air accessories screw on very easily.
This power kit contains a hot air tip, hot air deflector, flame tip, tray and tool holder, and P2C soldering tool.
The iron plated soldering tips will last longer than most iron tips.
Once cap is inserted there is an automatic cut off switch.

Butane Stand-Up Torch J-220

Butane Soldering Iron

This torch has a piezo electronic ignition and is cordless and compact for easy use. This amazing piece of equipment features a safety KILL/OFF switch, it is brass covered for added safely and has a protective sturdy grip, it also has a removable base. Other things it includes are adjustable air flow valves, adjustable gas control valves, and a 220 minutes refillable butane gas tank.

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Butane Soldering Kit J-700KT

Butane Soldering Iron

Butane powered soldering iron with a variety of tips that can be used as a hot blower, torch, and hot knife. This kit has it all! It is ready to use within 20 seconds of igniting. When used at mid setting it can last up to 120 minutes with one gas filling. The electrical power is the equivalent of a 30W-70W corded soldering iron.

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