Choosing the Right Car Camera

Choosing the Right Car Camera

A dashboard cam, dash camera, driving recorder, occasion information recorder (EDR) or car DVR is an onboard camera that consistently records the view through a vehicle’s front windscreen and once in a while back or different windows. Some dash cams incorporate a camera to record inside of the car in 360 degrees. (Inside the camera, generally in a ball structure.) And can consequently send pictures and video (utilizing 4G).

EDRs and some dash cam additionally record increasing speed/deceleration (g-power), speed, guiding edge, GPS information, and so on. A wide-point (130, 170° or increasingly) front camera might be joined to the inside windscreen, to the back view reflect (cut on), or to the best purpose of the dashboard, by a suction instrumentality or sticky tape mount.

Car Camera

Back camera

back camera is typically mounted in the back window, with an RCA Video yield to the showcase screen. The goals will decide the general nature of the video. 1080p (1920×1080) or Full HD is standard for Dash HD cams. Dash cameras may have 1080p, 1296p, 1440p, or better quality for a front camera and 720p for a back camera and incorporate f/1.8 aperture and night vision mode.

Dash cams can give video proof in case of a street accident. Whenever stopped, dash cams can catch video and picture proof if vandalism is recognized (360° stopping screen) and send it to the proprietor (normally employing 4G).

In a nutshell

Car camera sticks on your windscreen and records the street in front of you. They associate with your car cigarette lighter (can likewise be hard-wired to the battery) simply like a sat nav. They persistently record via naturally beginning and ceasing as you turn your car on and off which keeps the car battery from releasing. A few cameras have a battery which can record temporarily without being associated with the car.


All cameras use memory cards which top off with your video film. When the card is full the camera records over the most seasoned video documents (this is called circle recording). You’ll have the capacity to store on it depending on your memory card size. For instance, you may just get the most recent hour of your adventure on an 8GB card contrasted with 2 hours for a 16GB card or 32GB, 64GB, etc, etc..

What occurs in case I’m engaged in an accident? In case of an accident, you can either press a catch on the camera or the camera can naturally distinguish an accident utilizing an in-fabricated g-sensor. This will at that point lock the video film around the accident and keep it from being overwritten when the card is full. This implies you can carry on your adventure realizing that the significant film will, in any case, be there when you return home (this is called occasion recording).

What do they record?

 Car cameras, generally alluded to as a dash cams, car DVRs or car discovery recorders, are basically little video recorders that mount onto the windscreen of your vehicle and record the street, utilizing a wide edge focal point to make however much of the street noticeable as could reasonably be expected.

This recording gives a record of your move that will help you in case you’re involved in a car accident. This proof can be utilized to portray the occasions on the one you are involved with, empowering you to either indict the liable gatherings or to demonstrate your guiltlessness and ensure your no cases.

Car Camera software

The camera has a software, provided by most brands. You can use this for recording or to remove same parts. Also, when you are involved in something you can save a vehicle registration plates, with which to help your contention or guarantee.
Or in a nutshell the car cameras are intended to offer genuine feelings of serenity to wellbeing cognizant drivers and give protection against less security on the street.

Choosing the Right Car Camera

So today you can find thousands of car cameras on the market, from different brands. Here in this article, we will present several types of Car Camera which can help you to choose the real one.

TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

This model is a dual 1080P dash camera and also, with Audio.
The both FHD 1080P front and cabin in-car dash cameras come with Advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor. This sensor helps for simultaneously record the road and also, inside the car.
Also is able to provide sharp and high-quality video or picture.
Dual lens dash cams which can record 2160P UHD video. This quality can help you to capture а number plate very clear when you need.

This model has a 340° wide angle and 360° rotatable cameras.
The two 170° wide angle lens will help you to capture the whole road and also, the number plate of other cars in front of you. And also, recording what is happening in your car simultaneously during the day and night.

Also here are parking monitor and motion detection which can start recording every time when detects some motion near your car or in front of your car. The perfect audio recording will give you еxcellent security if someone scratched or damages your car.

The G-Sensor will help you to overwrites the oldest video or pictures and replacing it automatically with the new videos.

So you no need to worry about your memory card whether you still have a little storage space left or not.

The G-sensor is with included smart record emergency lock system. This is good if any accident is happened because the footage will get automatically locked and saved. This will help you with evidence and insurance claim during car accidents or something similar.

TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

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Z-Edge T3 Dash Cam 3 Touch Screen

This model has a 3 inch LCD touchscreen which is easy to controls only with your fingertips.
The large screen will make the video playback from the road easy.

This model has an Intelligent Scene Mode who help you to optimize the setup for any kind of driving.
you’ll be able to choose from four optimized setups, which is designed to be suited to your environment.

This model is with powerful Ambrella A12 processor and also, here is an advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor.
This camera making pictures in sharp quality. Z-Edge T3 recording in Full HD 1920×1080 and 30fps and the lens is 150 degree which means no detail goes unnoticed.

Automatically adapts for light/dark spots. This model has HDR, who with the 6 layer glass lens and also, the large F2.0 aperture ensures a lot of balanced exposure that means that you can have superior video quality in low light conditions.

Only with one touch at the button and the HDR technology is allowed. The HDR increases the camera’s ability who can help to record in bright or low light to ensuring crystal clear videos no matter what the conditions are.
The GPS module can assist you to accurately logs your vehicles location, also the route, and the speed you have got at the instant.

Z-Edge T3 Dash Cam 3 Touch Screen

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LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera

This model with a night vision system comes with 8.2” IPS screen and provide 1080P HD image. This model provides higher visual effects that are nice and friendly to your eye,. Also, this helping you to judge the road conditions quickly and easy when driving.

Also here are a wide-angle vision and long distance view. This model provides to 36° HD wide-angle vision, that presenting a broader view of the road. When is set up a night vision, this provides visibility on the road up to 300m. This is good for all driver because you will know the road situation in advance, that may help you to take measures and avoid accidents.

Lots of traffic accidents may happen during the night. The reasons for that are; heavy rain, fog, and other bad conditions which reduce your visibility. Because of that, we have a Lanmodo vehicle night vision system. This system can reflect clearly the road situation which can help you a lot to obtain better control for car and driving security.

Lanmodo car night vision system can be used for all car models or trucks just plug in the cigarette lighter and use. Also, this model has a 12V battery who can be used for other things such as; hunting, fishing, camping, etc, etc.

LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera

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We hope that this article “Choosing the Right Car Camera” would be helpful for you.

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