EasyAcc 20000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank Review

EasyAcc 20000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank Review

There are a number of power banks nowadays with the concept of quick charge as the supporting technology. Among all of them, we found the Model EasyAcc 20000mAh power bank with quick charge 3.0 the most effective one having the unique combination of smart charge and quick-charge options and thus selected as the best battery pack among its comparable. So, in this review, we are going to see the features and the attributes of this portable power bank in details.

EasyAcc Quick Charge 3

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But before that those who have little idea about what a quick charge is; It is better to say that it is an advanced technology which provides the ability of a battery pack to charge the devices, typically the mobile phones and tablets faster than the usual USB options.

Look and Feel EasyAcc 20000mAh:

The EasyAcc 20000mAh portable power bank with fast charging option has many similarities with the 20000 mAh model in terms of the look and the design with its magnificent aluminum housing with curved edges making it well shovable within the palm and this particular model is many compacts for a 20000 mAh capacity portable charger.

Output Ports

Output Ports:

Like the other siblings from the Esyacc power bank family. This one as well comes up with four output USB ports for charging four devices simultaneously. One of those four being standard 3A at 5V smart charging port, which is nothing but a normal USB port along with a special ability to discharge power as per the need and requirement of the device connected with the portable power bank.
Other ports are; 6-9V – 2A and 9-12V – 1.5A and the and the third is Type C Smart Port with DC 5V – 3A (Max).
Whereas the quick charge 3.0 port is bundled with the latest quick charge technology.

Easyacc 20000 mAh charging four devices simultaneously

Input Port:

Though Easyacc has marketed this particular portable charger mentioning and banking on its trait of quick charge, the input port, the micro-USB port of the portable charger is not compatible with the quick charge technology. But here are Type-C Input with a power of DC 5V – 3A who make the charging fast for only 4.5 hours the Powerbank is full charged.

 Input Port

Conversion Rate:

Easyacc did a tremendous job with the conversion rate with this portable charger making effective, deliverable, final power to be equivalent to 20000 mAh which is more than 90%. This is definitely one of the major pros of this portable charger.

Price EasyAcc 20000mAh:

This portable power bank from Easyacc can be availed from Amazon presently with the cost of about $40.


You have been reading till this much, that means definitely you are much fascinated about the fast charging power banks. But the most important factor to bring out the most juices of the fast charging portable chargers is the compatibility of the devices that you are going to connect and thus charge with such a portable charger.

So, this model from Easyacc is indeed a splendid model among all the fast charging portable power banks available over the market from different manufacturers. But still, this power bank is possibly not for you if you do not possess any device to charge with at least quick charge 2.0.


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