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Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature

Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature

In the previous article, we discussed for How to choose the best Soldering iron for you. Now we choose one for you that is Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron. You may be interested in it.

You are in search for a good soldering iron, might you have no money for Soldering station or is big for your place. Don’t worry here is for you Soldering iron: Sywon Full Set with 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit and the good thing is an Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron. “Single” Soldering iron but works like a soldering station with Adjustable Temperature. You can regulate temperature from 200 to 450℃ and all of this you can see on the LED indicator, and you can Solder like a professional.

Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron, what include:

This is a Soldering Iron Kit. Which works with adjustable temperatures which start from 200 and can go up to 450℃. And all this you can see on a LED indicator which standing on a Solder iron. That is easy for use and is Plug and play. The inner part is made of ceramic (Inner-heated) this technology makes the soldering iron tip to heat up very quickly. Why do they look like a professional? They have an upgraded heat resistant material (which is not from plastic.) And also here is the steel-pipe four and ventilation holes on the solder design which helps to cool quickly if is necessary, and also to control the temperature.

Also as a good thing is a that they have a PU leather carrying case which is a sweetly designed for you to be easy portable to bring all the units conveniently wherever you go.

Also Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit  included and 6 pcs of double-sided assist tools. That will help you to meet the welding operation requirements of the press such as scraping, cutting, hooks, also brushes and a sharp peak and curved for easy handling of all kinds of work.

And here is a two pics of anti-static tweezers: 1 tweezers is an ESD-10 model, and the other tweezers are an ESD-15 model.

Who serve to grip when you work on a small surface-mount electronic device and while simultaneously heating on this device (For Example Capacitor.)  Which is for soldering and desoldering. To making your soldering easier.

Also here is included pocket pack solder 0.50 oz. Tube with 60 tin and 40 lead .031 diameter rosin-cored for solder. Which you can use for the electronic and small volume of soldering. The is a Clear dispensing tube feeds to solder easily.

Here is and a Desoldering Pump or Solder sucker with the dimension 7.36 inches (L) x 0.75 inches. Which is make for all your soldering and de-soldering needs

Pump’s is an Anti-static and have a replaceable nylon tip and is made of the durable aluminum housing. Pump’s is using for removing the solder from a PCB through-hole solder joints.

Also, in the kit included and Portable soldering holder. This is for holding the soldering iron to ensure a safety and convenience for your Soldering iron. And having cleaning sponge.

And Included a 5 x Extra Soldering Tips Model General 900M series. That you can customize a tip depending on what kind of work you can do.

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