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External DVD Rewriters

External DVD Rewriters

Many of the Laptops today are made thinner and thinner, occupy less space, is lighter, and are more comfortable to carry around. But because of that, there are fewer additional accessories, one of them is the DVD burner.

Is this your luck? Have you got a computer or laptop without a DVD rewriter? Well, you are out of luck then aren’t you? Maybe not. There is a way around it. You can get yourself an external DVD rewriter.
So in this article, we have the solutions on how to resolve this. We have already said the solution is external DVD rewriters. There are many types of external DVD rewriters from many manufacturers so really you are spoilt for choice. The prices of these writers usually depend on the brand name and the extra perks that come with the writer. Having said that, you can still get yourself a pretty good external DVD rewriter every time. Also, the good thing is that you can use this DVD-RW for your PC your Laptop or anywhere else you need.

External CD DVD Drive, USB 3.0

This model hat USB 3.0 interface also is compatible with USB2.0 and USB1.0, The writing speed and reading speed reaches to 5Gbps,
Compatible is with all Windows operating system, Linux, and all version Mac OS system.

This model comes with embedded cable design, made from the premium wire material which is shockproof, also is low noise, anti-interference and has high durability. The low noise is very good when you would like to watch movies or listen to music.

This is a plug and play model which you do not need drivers or any extra power supply required, Just connect into your USB port and will start working.
Design is ultra-slim and lightweight which make this model easy to carry on when you have a business trip or traveling or whatever you go.

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Sonkir External CD DVD Drive

Another external DVD with USB 3.0 also compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0.
This model is Just plug and plays no extra programs or drivers are needed also, no extra power supply required.
Compatibility, this model support all Windows OS, all version Mac OS and Linux.
Speed; DVD read speed is up to 8X, CD read speed max up to 24X and for burn speed up to 8X

This model has a good design which is made of high-quality brushed material. Also is shockproof, has low noise, and high durability.

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External Blu Ray DVD Drive 3D

This model support Blu-ray, DVD, CD, and 3D Disck.
The speed of this external Blu-ray DVD drive reads CD up to 24x, DVD up to 8x, and Blu-Ray up to 6x.
For this model you no need extra software or driver just plug and play, also no need an extra power supply. The model is compatible with all of windows OS, also support macOS, Linux.
This model has USB 3.0 high speed also support and 2.0 and 1.0 USB.

The design is from polished metal chrome which gives it a premium appearance. Also is scratch-proof and has good durability, also is a slim model which helps you to carry on everywhere.

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