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What should I consider when shopping for an infrared thermometer?

There are many factors to consider when shopping for an infrared thermometer. There are many features and variables available, and of course, a very, very wide range of prices. The following list of factors is structured so that the factors at the top of the list will likely have the greatest impact on cost. You will notice that some of these factors are related in the way that they affect the value of the instrument. So ask your self the following questions before shopping, and use the list below to help guide you in selecting the best-infrared thermometer for your needs. You can then start comparison shopping with an arsenal of information that will enable you to get the best value! The one factor not listed below is Warranty from the provider. While shopping, use this to determine what distributor has the greatest confidence in the product they are selling!

1. Question: What are the minimum and maximum temperature I might expect to be measuring?

2. Question: What is the maximum distance I may be measuring from?

3. Question: What is the smallest target object I may need to measure?

4. Question: How accurate do my results need to be?

5. Question: Do I need features like Overtemp. alarm, Logging multiple readings, etc.

6. Question: Do I need a targeting guide like a laser spot for accuracy?

Temperature Range

Temperature Range- One of the most important features that affect the cost of an infrared thermometer is the temperature range of the instrument. A couple of important things to note is that most thermometers fall into several groups that have a natural separation of costs. Medical Use, Smaller Range, Medium Range, Lower Minimum Medium Range, Wide Range, Very Wide Range.

An infrared thermometer intended for medical purposes only needs a limited range. There is a much greater need for accuracy, however. These are often very inexpensive and intended only for this purpose. A more expensive unit could take measurements in the appropriate range, but the accuracy would likely not qualify, eliminating it as useful for this purpose. Of course, plus or minus 2 degrees F is the difference between normal, and a fever!

Smaller Range infrared thermometers

Smaller Range infrared thermometers vary somewhat, but generally have a total range of 450 F or so. A typical range for an instrument in this category might be -4F to 425 F. Somewhat lower and higher variations will be noted, but this is an average for this category. Usually inexpensive, and useful for many applications, this group is your choice if this range meets your needs.

Medium Range infrared thermometers typically are more consistent in their grouping regarding a min. and max. temperature. The average temperature range for this group is -25F to 999F. This is the group that has the most versatility without adding a great deal of cost in most cases.

Medium Range infrared thermometers

Lower Minimum Medium-Range infrared thermometers are also sometimes called “Food Service IR Thermometers”. This is the case because the lower end of the range reaches down below -40F. (Usually -50F or more) This is important to the foodservice industry to ensure the safety and freshness of frozen foodstuffs. This is the group most likely used by health inspectors.

Wide Range IR thermometers

Wide Range IR thermometers represent the first big jump in cost. For this reason, the health inspector, for example, will likely select the prior category. Number one because of cost, and number two, because he would likely not need the extreme upper range that this unit offers. Although the lower end is the same as the previous group, and the accuracy is the same, the extra cost may not be attractive to that consumer, unless the thermometer will be used in other environments requiring the expanded upper range. Typical ranges for this group go below -50F to 1000+ F.

Very Wide Range infrared thermometers are the most costly group of IR thermometers if we ignore other features than range alone. Typical temperature ranges for this group can be near -60F to 1800+ F! Found mostly in high-end industrial applications, these units are rarely found in everyday uses as mentioned above. They are reserved for special applications and as such are priced accordingly!


Conclusion: The better value will be the instrument with the greatest range for the same cost, all other factors being equal.

Distance from the target/target size- These goes hand in hand as we look at the Distance to Spot Ratio. This feature is as important as temperature range when accurate readings are needed. See what is the distance to spot ratio. This determines many things among which are, the smallest target you can measure and from what distance. Distance to Spot Ratios (D/S) will vary dramatically and have an equally dramatic impact on cost. D/S can be as low as 4:1 and as high as 50:1 or more!

Instrument Accuracy

Conclusion: The better value will be the instrument with the highest D/S ratio for the same cost, all other factors being equal.

Instrument Accuracy- Accuracy seems to be, on the surface a simple factor. However, if the cost is a concern as it generally is then selecting an infrared thermometer that meets your needs as opposed to exceeding your needs, may mean a reduced cost for a suitable instrument. I always suggest erring on the side of caution and making sure the accuracy is adequate and then some.

Conclusion: The better value will be the instrument with the greatest accuracy for the same cost, all other factors being equal.


Features- The importance of various features is completely dictated by the intended end-use. If simple measurements are all that is required, then data logging, averaging, and high-temperature alarms, etc. are not necessary. In many cases, however, these features may be available for a minor added cost when selecting an upgraded unit, or even the same cost from another brand name! This is where the diligent shopper can ensure that the best-infrared thermometer for his or her needs is acquired by visiting several outlets and comparison shopping.

Conclusion: If extra features are needed, the instrument with the best features for the same cost, all other factors being equal will be the greatest value, and most useful.

Laser spots / Targeting Guides- The need for targeting aids such as laser spots or sighting scopes is primarily dictated by the need for accuracy. It is important to note, that recent versions of infrared thermometers available now, almost always have the laser option. The one negative to this feature is that it is a drain on the battery. Many versions have a laser on/off feature, which can be disabled to either achieve extended overall battery life or preserve remaining life when the battery has been in service for a while and is becoming drained.

HOLDPEAK 985C-APP IR Thermometer

This model of HOLDPEAL is high accurately who has built-in 9 laser pointers which make this thermometer very accurately.
The speed of values measuring is about 0.5s or ±1℃/±1% in only 0.5s. With this model, you can measure the target from a long distance because the spot ratio is 16:1
The temperature range is very wide which is -50℃~880℃(-58℉~1472℉).
You can use this tool for many things such as Mechanical work while cooking you can check oven temperature, Refrigerator, and many others.
Another good thing with this model is that it comes with APP, which can be connected with your phone via Bluetooth. This is very good when you try to test some temperature. And many other things.

HOLDPEAK 985C-APP IR Thermometer

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Gun MESTEK Digital Thermometers

This infrared thermometer has a very good Spot Ratio which is 12:1, you can make accurately measure from long distances.
Gun MESTEK Digital Thermometers has HTU20 temperature sensor and laser head which are used to measure temperature accurately.
You can use when you BBQ, cooking, baking, also for home maintenance or vehicle repairing, water temperature measurement and many others.

Another good thing is that has an adjustable temperature alarm. You can adjust which temperature you need for some material and when the temperature is reached will light up the red indicator.
This model has a Color LCD screen display and has an auto-off function and low battery indication.

Gun MESTEK Digital Thermometers

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Digital Thermometer

This model has C/F° Selection, also has data hold function.
With this model, you can target pointer and you can ON/OFF this selection. It also has ON/OFF selection for the backlight.
You can save your battery with auto power shut off, this model is shutting down automatically in 7 seconds when it is without any operation, and many other functions. This model comes in different colors

Digital Thermometer

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