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Finding the Best Surge Protector

Finding the Best Surge Protector

What’s a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is basically a device that will protect your electrical equipment from a sudden burst of energy known as a power surge.

Take note that a lightning strike is not the biggest danger to your electronics. The fact is that 80% of power surges are generated inside your home and this is mainly caused by power hungry, motor-driven appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

It’s a rare situation where a single huge spike will destroy your equipment. There are small surges that happen on a regular basis and these surges will eventually add up and degrade the performance of your electronics. Your local power company can also introduce these harmful power surges and that’s why it’s also important to use surge protection in your electrical service panel.

The surge protectors

The surge protectors are the best solution to protect your computers, laser printers, home theater, and sound systems, and many models include protection for telephone and coaxial lines.

Different forms

They come in different forms that it can be mounted on the wall and replace the normal wall power outlet or socket. This has the benefit of not having power cords lying around, and the surge protector is inbuilt into the wall so to speak.

Here in this article i will present some Surge Protector for you

Accell Powramid Air Surge Protector

Accell Powramid is a slim model which save your place.
This model has 6 outlets, the modern design makes it very useable even with large adapters and transformers.

Also, there are 2 USB charging ports with maximum output up to 2.4A, that assist you to shield your devices with surge-protected.
This model has1080 joules of surge protection. Also, here is 6-foot heavy duty power cord wich build this model additional useable if your area is huge.

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AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector

A basics model of Surge protector who comes in 2 different colors, (Black and white) and is with 6 outlet and 2M long power cord (14 AWG power cord).
This model has 200-Joule and 3-Line Basic Surge-Protection rating which can help you to protect your small appliances, phones, and lamps.
When the power is turned on the indicator will lighting, when the light goes out that means a problem with the protection, must change.
The Specifications: This model has AC 15A, and compatible with 125V, 60Hz and 1875W.

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Power strip surge protector

Another multifunctional power strip surge protector with 3 outlets and 3 USB charging ports. Whit this model you are able to use 6 devices at the same time.
You can charge your devices with the USB ports which has power 5V and up to 3.1A.
Also, here are 3 outlets with 125V, max power 1250W and 13A.
This model has good design small and is easy to put everywhere.
The Cord Length for this model is 1.5M.

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