Google Photos App – Android’s Best Photo Organizer

Google Photos App – Android’s Best Photo Organizer

Google Photos App for Android was the best and most raving announcements that Google made in their Google I/O 2015. It is a free photo management app which offers high-resolution image unlimited storage (maximum 16MP) and unlimited storage for videos (1080p Maximum) as well. This app is available for iOS, Android and Desktop and this way you can sync your images from your devices as well. Download Google Photos App.

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Google Photos App

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Google Photos App

Since then Google has been constantly innovating the photos app and refining the user experience. Here are some of the top features of this great Google service.

Easy Uploads: It’s really easy to upload photos and videos using google photos app. There is a drag and drop interface, as well as an auto-syncing feature to sync all your videos and photos to the cloud. You can browser photos from URL as well and drop a countless number of videos and images there.
No Duplicates: Google uses image searching to find out similar images and merges them to leave just one photo. This cleans up your storage space automatically.
High-Quality Images: Google has an option to upload high-quality images for free but if you want to preserve the original quality, the photos will be stored in your google drive.

Photo Search

Photo Search: The best part about google photos is that you can search for keywords and find results of similar images. Google has constantly been updating this feature like Google Virtual Assistant but still, there is a long way to go before the photos search can correctly recognize each and every image as some results turn out to be deceiving still.

Easy Selector

Easy Selector: Like the Tilt Brush Gallery by Google, you can effortlessly select images in google photos. You just need to long press an image to select it and then tap on each of the next photos or while pressing just drag till the last photo you want to select to select a bunch of photos at once.

Gallery View

Gallery View: Photos also has swipe and pinch gestures, you can enlarge the thumbnails of the photos by expanding your fingers and by contract, you can reduce the thumbnail size.


Assistant: Photos has its own assistant inbuilt. This feature would go through images looking for similarities and relationships among the photos. Then it would compile them together, prompt you to either save them or discard them.

Image Editing

Image Editing: Photos has an inbuilt photo editor. This photo editor can easily be accessed by pressing the pencil icon on the top right corner. You can do all the small time editing like cropping, adjusting shades, colors, and lights, etc. You can even apply some filters that are pre-defined.


Compression: The images uploaded to photos are of a much smaller size as compared to the original images. These compressions are about 80% of compression rate. This is a great tool for optimizing photos for websites for increasing the load speed.

All these handy features show that Google Photos is one of the best photo organizers in the business. You never have to worry about running out of storage with Google photos app for Android and iOS and Web. With its intelligent assistant, photos allow you to edit, search, share and group photos from the app itself.

The jam-packed features of this incredible app clearly depict how google photos app is Android’s best photo organizer.

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