Hantek Best USB oscilloscope review

Hantek Best USB oscilloscope review

You are in search for USB Oscilloscope “For home use or Professional use or hobby” or whatever you want, here is for you Best USB oscilloscope Hantek Pc based. In this article, we will give you a Review for Hantek HT6022BE20Mhz 6022be PC Based USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope to know more about that. Also, you can find a significant number of factors about USB oscilloscopes good/better, etc. But for Oscilloscopes, with the excellent performance the price will go up.

But for me, this is the best USB oscilloscope for his price, for this price you can get an Oscilloscope with a solid metal case. Case are extremely durable “anodized aluminum, ” and it of the first impression guarantee you a quality and durability.

The oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument which allows you to observation varying voltage signal which constantly varies. As a usually, that is a two-dimensional plot which is on one or more signals. You can find a lot of USB PC oscilloscopes available.


Hantek USB Oscilloscope Features

For the Case, we already say case are from extremely durable anodized aluminum.

Hantek Oscilloscope comes with one USB 2.0 port and has a Standard USBXITM interface, and no needed an extra power cord. To work with “Hantek” first, you need to connect to a Desktop Computer or Laptop; it is compatible and Supported: Windows 2000/ /XP/ VISTA/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 Operating system they say that won’t work on Windows 10 or later.

But you can check or contact the manufacturer’s official website. As a usually a later may add driver for later versions of Windows than Windows 10. That Oscilloscope has a very Compact Size: (mm): 200 (L) x100 (W) x35 (H), and it’s easy to carry. So you can use anywhere wherever you want.

Hantek USB Oscilloscope Connected to Laptop

Best USB oscilloscope

Hantek Waveform

Best USB oscilloscope

Also, you can  Saves Waveform on your screen wich will be in TXT, Microsoft Excel, and Word also, JPG and BMP format, and all saved waveform files you can send via email attachments if you need.

Hantek USB Oscilloscope Channels. They have 2 Channels Bandwidth First is 20MHzShot bandwidth, and other is DC to 20MHzInput Impendence. Also, here is and 1Mohm who can go up to 25pFMax.

The Sample rate is 48MS for vertical resolution and 8BitGain for range and 20mV-5V. There are 8 Steps DC accuracy and ±3% Time for the base range this is a 1ns-9000s.  Also, here are 39 Steps for Vertical adjustable also, have an Input protection and Diode clamping-Y. Hantek also supports/have Trigger Mode which is Automatic.

Also here is a standard and Single Trigger Slope which going with +/-Trigger for level adjustable and have Trigger Type for  Rising edge and for falling edge Trigger Source with CH1 and CH2Pre Post trigger from 0 to 100% Sampling selection. And also they have a  Waveform Display where you can see all Waveform how they work such as increase and decrease.

Best USB oscilloscope

On Hantek Waveform Display also, you can see port/line where you can see your waveform average and persistence, and the intensity on the Network with  Open or Close for the vertical mode. Such as CH1, CH2, Dual, and also you can ADD Cursor for measurement. Hantek has a Math such as FFT, subtraction, multiplication, and division. And Cursor where you can see: Frequency and Voltage

 What Hantek Package includes

Best USB oscilloscope

 Hantek Package includes: They come with PC BASED USB DIGITAL STORAGE OSCILLOSCOPE x1 this is a Hantek 6022be. Also, has and 1 x S/W and The CDx2  for Driver which was already mentioned and also, say about which Windows OS is supported. And the second CD is for User Manual. And here are One Clip Probes and 1x USB cord.

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