How to choose a video baby monitor

How to choose a video baby monitor

It is not a nursery essential, but most parents like the peace of mind a baby monitor gives them as it could ensure them hear their baby when baby cries or stirs in sleep.

Baby monitors consist of two units which are a transmitter that picks up sound from the baby’s room and a receiver so-called parent unit. If your room is on another floor or far from your baby’s room and the walls are “cement walls”, you will need a monitor with a strong transmitter.

New parents normally would be spoilt for the choice of baby monitors as there are many brands available in the market. Based on a survey conducted with more than 500 baby monitor owners, the following are the most important criteria that they take into consideration when selecting a baby monitor.

Reception of Frequency

The portable baby monitor works on wireless technology, the transmitter and receiver are connected by wireless frequency communications. Some cheaper units operate on a lower frequency which can result in interference from other radio devices such as hand-phones, cordless phones, etc.

Power Source

Different baby monitors have different power sources. Most parents prefer to choose a model that can be operated by batteries and A/C adapters or model that has rechargeable batteries.

This dual-powered devices or battery-powered baby monitors offer portable flexibility by allowing parents to carry the receiver around the house. It is useful for parents who will be busying themselves for housework or gardening while their baby is asleep.

Low battery indication

This is an important feature for a baby monitor to have. Many good models out there have low battery lights; some even have low battery alarms to remind users to replace or recharge batteries.

Volume Controls Functionality

The function of adjustable volume control will take into consideration because some parent does not want to hear every sound their baby makes when the baby is a little older. Nowadays, there are models come with the light-up feature when a noise is detected. This is a useful function for parents who are hard of hearing or always stay in a noisy environment.

Two-Way Communication

This is another feature that most parents looking at. Talkback function enables two-way communication which enables parents to instantly reassure and calm baby.

Video baby monitors

CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor

CasaCam BM200 Come with touchscreen 5 inch LCD, the interface features are user friendly and come in six languages. Other features are LED lights which are activated by sound, temperature display which has temperature range alert, audio-only mode, and a power-saving mode.

This video baby monitor is adjustable which can rotate 270 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically (Pan and Tilt) and we have already mentioned that it includes a temperature sensor. It also has night vision and nightlight.
A great feature is a two-way audio which helps you to listen and also you can talk to your baby, to comfort him/her.
This model has a digital zoom which allows you a closer viewing. CasaCam BM200 System you can expand it up to 4 cameras.

CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor

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Baby Monitor Safety Camera

This model can be used as a baby monitor or safety camera, this rotatable model with 355°pan and 90°tilt can be controlled via the application, which will help you for the position viewing angle.

“Family Camera” Because support multi-user viewing, the terminal supports up to 4 online visitors simultaneously. Supports Laptop/PC, tablet and smartphone “Android and iOS”.

The resolution is 1920×1080 HD, You will always get pictures in high-definition on your smartphone in real-time. It also has automatic night vision switch, and two-way voice,
This model supports TF card up to 128GB, which helps you to stored pictures and videos, video coding is h.264. At any time you can view the video which is stored in a memory card.

Baby Monitor Safety Camera

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Bebcare Motion – Smart Video Baby Monitor

Bebcare Motion – Baby Monitor comes with a 4.3-inch high-quality display that will allow you to live videos with rich colors and brilliant details. The motion tracking feature on this camera can help you a lot in your daily life, this feature will follow every move which will make your baby.

Fully rotatable camera with 360 degrees (Pan and Tilt) with digital zoom and two-way wireless up to 250 meters.
The advanced night vision which is with invisible infrared LEDs will help you see your baby in total darkness, It also has other features such as comfort nightlight, it has a temperature sensor and music lullabies.

Bebcare Motion - Smart Video Baby Monitor

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Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Video Baby Monitor comes with 2 portable cameras, The two cameras will give you full room coverage. The split-screen will help you to view booth feeds at once.
This remote camera control will help you to check all areas of the baby’s room. It has an easily adjustable viewing angle in (pan or tilt, and zoom) you can do that for both cameras via the handy parent unit.

It also has an infrared night vision feature which will allow you a clear video at night time. All videos which are made from Motorola video baby monitor, you will view in a real-time in a 5 inch LCD color screen who is on the parent units.
The 2-way audio intercom system, besides listening to your child, also, you can talk to and reassure your child with your soothing words, via camera’s built-in speakers.
Both cameras have high-sensitivity microphones that can catch the slightest sounds, so with Motorola video baby monitor, you will always receive a notification when your baby cries.
Motorola Video Baby Monitor

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Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor

Motorola halo is a model that you can easily attach to your child crib no tools necessary. This video infant monitor will allow you in real-time to check on your baby, whether you’re in the living room or in the kitchen or whatever you are.
It´s simple to use, just connect to the Hubble app vie your smartphone and you can see everything in real-time, it also, for this process will help you the infrared night vision feature which will give you a clear video feed at night time.
The parent unit’s for this model has a 4.3-inch color screen,

Also, the best things are that Motorola Halo video baby monitor cares about your baby’s health with an assistant who will track your baby’s hours of sleep when you changed the diaper and the number of feeding times.

Thanks to the two-way speakers your baby will be always safe, you will listen to your baby and you can talk to calm your baby, the baby will hear your voice wherever you may be.

This model is more than a video baby monitor, has integrated night light with 7 different colors and light show projector, which will show pictures onto the ceiling in different colors, this will help on your baby to fall asleep.

Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor

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