LapiVision Multifunction Device

LapiVision Multifunction Device

At this article, I’m going to show you review about LapiVision Multifunction Device. LapiVision is simply not a pen that we use in our everyday life. But is an amazing pen inbuilt with the feature of the digital camera within. “A pen is mightier than strength.”  Yes, now introducing a new brand of an electronic pen has an ability to make the works easy and smooth. With the inbuilt digital camera and the microphone. You can record all the actions or any activities for any purposes for future references, evidence, etc…Also, this can be called as the smallest digital camera ever.

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Though it is simply a pen in looks and of course can be used as a pen, but originally it is more for the pixel purposes. It is the best way to help you in any situation at any time, such as; Recording the meeting discussion, classroom discussion. Take quick evidence against the violence and much more in a short Spain of time in an economical way.

The LapiVision features
LapiVision Multifunction Device

The LapiVision features Video Recorder & photo camera, Microphone behind camera lens, USB 2.0 connection, 4 GB of flash memory, Video format 720 x 480 , and rechargeable battery with 2 hrs of battery time. The set packs with pen top, pen bottom, AC charger and USB extension cable. So to get started with, the pen holds the lens at the top of the clip and the microphone at the bottom of the clip and the start button on the top. So if you want to start; press and hold the start button for 2 seconds, and the light turns on.

Then you will see the blue light first and when you are in blue light that means is in for the mode way, and you can take pictures. Also, to take the pictures again press the start buttons once and then the light will start getting blink, and the photo has been taken. Now to switch over to the video mode press and hold the start button on the top for two seconds.

The light turns red, and when it is in the red light, it means the camera is in video mode. Then you can record audio and video by pressing the button once again, and the red light will blink meaning it’s recording the videos. And to stop recording press again once and the light will be in stable position. Now to view your programs plug it into your Laptop PC.

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