Portable LED camping lights with battery, review

Portable small and compact LED light which offers a Long Lighting.

They are small and portable Palm-sized LED light, they are easy to carry and compact to fit everywhere. Another good thing is that they are safe for children.

This Small LED camping light is powered by alkaline batteries ( 3x AAA ). In high-light mode, they can light up to 15 hours, which will help you in your outdoor adventure which can take about 2-3 nights.

Portable small and compact LED light


They have built-in 3 LED, which gives you about 150 lumens bright and helps you to illuminate a much larger area around it than the standard flashlight.

Durability and Water Resistance

Portable small and compact LED light

These little bulbs are IPX4 water-resistant which means that they are protected from splashing water, no matter the direction.
It also is made from ABS plastic which is super-durable.
Other super things are that at the top has a Hook which can be hung everywhere, for example on a Backpack, rope, tent, on a tree or where you want without worrying about dropping.
It also is good for emergencies from all activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, etc etc.

Portable LED camping lights has 3 Lighting Modes

It has pure white light which comes with 3 modes, the first is High light, then low light and the 3rd is strobe which will create flashings, ( Good for Emergency, it also for Party atmosphere, and to illuminate a large area.
You can select your mode by pressing the small black button on the light.

Portable small and compact LED light

It also they can be used for much other activity such as reading a book, it also while you’re working, for night lights, it can be good for decorative indoor and outdoor lights,
It also for Christmas you can paint them with different colors and will give you different lights or Color lights.

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Into the video listed below, you can see the full review of Portable LED camping lights with battery. It also How it works.

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