Sky Viper V950HD Review Great Drone for Kids

Sky Viper V950HD Review Great Drone for Kids

In the last few years, we have steadily watched the hobby of flying quadcopters grow in popularity, and there doesn’t seem that will be slowing down. This has led to the release of many different drones on the market, each spouting to be better than the rest. With so many different models available, we know it can be hard to decide which one to choose, but luckily we’re here to help you out.
Before moving forward, we need you to answer these few questions:

• Your choice is a quadcopter that is relatively affordable?
• Do you want to be able to record HD footage?
• Do you want to have fun while flying?

If you answered yes to all three questions, then the Sky Viper V950HD might just be for you. After personally flying the nifty little contraption for the past few weeks, I have to admit it’s a lot of fun. While it’s not quite as sporty as the s670 Stunt Drone, it does have an HD camera which is pretty cool. Its ability to remain more stable in heavier winds is a nice bonus as well. To help you decide if this is the right drone for you, let’s get straight to the review of the Sky Viper V950HD.

Sky Viper V950HD

Sky Viper V950HD

Now more than ever kids and adults alike need a reason to go outdoors, and what’s a better excuse than to fly a drone? Being able to whiz through the air while performing tricks sure is a great way to turn any boring moment into a fun one. With the Sky Viper V950HD, you can not only perform tricks but take photos and record HD video as well. Its ability to perform aerobatics and also record decent quality HD footage is what makes this one of the best drones for beginners.

720p HD Camera

As of recently, more and more affordable drones with an HD camera have been making their way onto the market. While a majority of them seem to perform decently well for what you pay for, they all manage to have problems of their own. With the V950HD video drone, I have to say I’m very impressed with the overall quality, but I will admit there is a little bit of jello (waviness) in the video, especially when flying fast. Many cameras including some of the GoPro’s even experience this at some level, so it really isn’t too big of an issue.

What I do love about the V960HD’s

The camera is a simple fact that it’s adjustable. You would think that most drones in this price range would have adjustable cameras, but the reality is they simply don’t. This makes it impossible to capture footage from different angles, which in my opinion should always be an option. This quads camera doesn’t come with just one or two adjustable levels either. Instead, it comes with a total of 7 levels to choose from. It can manage to record anywhere from straight down below, also known as a bird’s eye view, to nearly straight above. Though I don’t think the top 2 adjustable levels will capture much more than the top of the drone and the propellers, to be honest.

Another big benefit of the camera on the V950HD is the 4GB class 10 MicroSD card. This card is exceptionally powerful compared to many you find on similarly priced drones, which is pretty great because it allows you to easily keep up with the HD performance. With this card you can even manage to record up to 20 minutes of video, averaging out to around 2-3 full flights. Also, I feel that I should warn you that the quadcopter beeps the entire time you record video. This isn’t really a huge deal or anything, but it can get rather annoying after a while.

2.4 GHz Transmitter

The transmitter for the Sky Viper V950HD may not be the most impressive in the world, but it does not mean what it’s supposed too, and more. Included in the transmitter is the ability to choose between 3 different sensitivity levels – beginner, intermediate, and professional. These three sensitivity levels allow you to completely change the way that the drone flies, going from flying like an old grandma to flying like some madman. While it may not be as sporty as its younger sibling, the s670 Stunt Drone, it can still manage to fly extremely well.

My favorite button on the transmitter by far though has to be the one-touch stunt button. This is the button you press when you want to impress your neighbor by pulling off some cool flips and barrel rolls. While most quadcopters have stunt modes nowadays, none seem to pull it off as well as the drones from Sky Viper. Their ability to perform barrels while going top speed somehow always manages to put a smile on my face. Just be sure to detach the camera before hitting the stunt button or else it will just do a 360-degree panoramic turn.

Flight Experience

Now while I’m sure by now you can tell I enjoy flying the V950HD by Sky Rocket, there are a few aspects of this quadcopter that I think you should know about before making a purchase. One of those aspects is the low battery life. While most drones in the similar price range don’t have exceptionally long battery lives either, they do manage to have a couple more minutes than the V950HD. With a charge time of a little over an hour, this can be a long wait when you really want to spend the day flying.

The last aspect of this drone I want to talk about is its amazing ability to somehow stay in one piece. I have already managed to crash this drone plenty of times getting a little too crazy on sensitivity level 3, and yet it still works as perfect as new! This is thanks to its polypropylene body which is highly durable and great at absorbing impact. While some of the more affordable drones available on the market can often be a little fragile, the V950HD is definitely an exception.

Well, that’s it for this Sky Viper V950HD review, we’ve hoped you learned what you came here for and are one step closer to finding the right drone that fits your needs. No matter which drone you purchase, remember to practice safe flying, and most of all have fun!

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