Smartwatches, What is a smartwatch ?

What is a smartwatch?

Smartwatches? What exactly is this? This word one hears nowadays increasingly, but what can that mean exactly? A smartwatch is a small smartphone, which has many features of a smartphone in itself. A watch may also be a watch; which has additional functions such as an alarm function has or a calendar function. How many functions does a watch, is different from AM to PM.

Expensive smartwatches have besides the normal Apps also sensors which eg measure the pulse or record the steps.

Smartwatch yesterday

By using smartphones watches were increasingly displaced from the market. However, with the rapidly advancing technology, it was always easier many features into the smallest possible space. What pure fiction and that once was only seen in the film, is now a reality. With modern smartwatches can not only save contacts or phone calls, but they can also use for example as a mobile heart rate monitor or watching the latest news quickly. The coupling to a smartphone is no limits.

What is possible with a wearable?

Android Wear, Google’s customized operating system for Smart Watches, provides the ability to extend the functionality of the apps using watches. The small programs are available for various lifestyle areas, such as health and fitness, music and everything related to social media to Facebook, Twitter, and Co.

Here is a selection of the most popular applications:

Wear Camera Remote

Running is not a necessary evil, but daily passion? Then one Runtastic all steps and motivated once it is necessary to persevere and carry on. The app will record not only the track but also gives information about the spilled tempo and the time required – a nice reward for demanding training. An Android-watches as a remote shutter release for the camera? No problem and everything is possible thanks to Wear Camera Remote.

Last but not least: social life on the Internet. Already known everywhere and every day there is new followers: WhatsApp there, with some limited functions, including for the new watch phones. The immediate read and send all-important message is also possible via smartwatch.

The Wear Mini Launcher provides an overview of all installed apps. Inclines the lifetime of the battery to a close, makes Wear Battery Stats desired attention and created date statistics at runtime. Conveniently: WearLock unlocked particularly comfortable the smartphone directly from the wrist.

A handy feature that is increasingly on the rise, is the voice control, which offers some models. Services such as SIRI or Google Now make it possible that your text messages or other messages easily can speak in the watches. Smartwatches also help orientation in unfamiliar cities and escort home the trendiest eatery.

Misfit Vapor 2 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

This Watch has notifications from your smartphone, also there is touchscreen functionality, touchscreen functionality, and heart rate, Microphone, and GPS and you have Google Assistant and, many many other things.
The battery life is estimated 24 hours depending on the usage of the smartphone watch.
Misfit Vapor 2 come with Wear OS by Google compatible with 4.4 Android OS and up and also iOS 9.3 and up.
The Bluetooth is 4.1 with low energy and there is Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.

Misfit Vapor 2 Stainless Steel

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Military Class Smartwatch 2019

Military or fitness tracker watch, which follows your activity step by step. There are a distance counter, calorie, your kilometers and Heart rate also and blood pressure, many other. Also, this model is good for outdoor activities when you running, walking or cycling also is good in indoor use.
This watch has a data storage which helps you to create your fitness plan, for your healthy lifestyle.
The design is very good and is like a traditional watches with the silicone straps and has .3 inches screen, with resolutions of 240 x 240 HD pixel. Also here is the information of many social media such as; Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many others.
Also, this model is IP68 Waterproof.

Best Military Class Smartwatch

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ELEXTOR Earbuds SmartWatch

This ELEXTOR earbuds Smartwatch is one device with two functions 2 in 1. SmartWatch and Bluetooth headphone 5.0.
This model is small and is good for daily use with a touch screen 0,96 inch, and the battery capacity is 110mAh.
Bluetooth connections with one click, Bluetooth 5.0 dual earphones.
This model is compatible with many smartphones starting at Android 5.0 and up, and also iOS 8.0 or up.

ELEXTOR Earbuds SmartWatch

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