Syma X1 QuadCopter Review

Syma X1 QuadCopter Review

Last summer the rumor going around was that no quadcopter could beat the Syma X1 for the small price of under $50. After hearing that, as a quad enthusiast, of course, I had to go pick it up and try it out for myself. What’s unique about this drone though is the fact it comes in 3 unique styles; one being a UFO flying saucer, another being a bumblebee and my personal favorite being the spacecraft. Whichever style you choose I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this nifty little flying machine.

Flying Syma X1 QuadCopter

The second I got home from the store I grabbed the quadcopter out of the box, charged it and went outside to toy around with it. The first thing I noticed was that learning how to fly the copter was extremely easy, so easy in fact I’m almost positive that even a five-year-old could figure it out with the right help. On the other hand, I only got a good 6 minutes of flying time in after charging it completely for about 40 minutes.

To be fair, most quadcopters stay in the 5-10 minute range anyways.

Regardless of which version you end up choosing the white rotors represent the front of the controller, and likewise, the black rotors represent the back of the controller. This quad has a three-way precision controller, left right, up down and forward backward. I would suggest reading the instructions before taking it out to fly for the first time; you have no idea how confusing it can get when you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing.  Also, this quad is excellent to fly indoors or outdoors just do your best not to run into any ceiling fans.


Since this drone is so cheap only 29.00 on Amazon, it makes a great first quadcopter to practice with. You know, just in case you hit a wall or crash into a tree, and your copter gets destroyed. Although I must say, this quad can take quite a beating. Just to be sure, I would take precautions such as not flying near any objects or letting a child use your copter unsupervised. This would also make a good back up the quad for an intermediate level quad enthusiast.


This is all in all, great drone for any beginner or intermediate level flyer. On top of its unique style, it’s easy to fly allowing you to learn quickly. Plus, it’s good for performing tricks once you get the hang of it. This quadcopter is sure not to disappoint and can be great as a gift.

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Syma X1 QuadCopter

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