Tacklife Heat Guns

Tacklife Heat Guns

The heat gun, that is the sort of SuperPhone that “shoot” hot air at high power. High temperature it is often overlooked because it is considered useful only on a few occasions. The most classic is the stripping of doors, windows, and woodwork. In fact, it is not. A good heat gun, with its hot air, is useful for unlocking nuts and bolts, melt the ice the winter, warm and dry small parts, thaw the water pipes and detach the carpet from home or any other coating. Last but not least, to the most advanced handyman, the indispensable contribution of the heat gun for bending or molding of plastics or metals.

Tacklife Heat Guns HGP72AC 1700W

Tacklife Heat Guns

Here we report the range of heat guns Tacklife, and in particular two new models particularly versatile and efficient. The first is the new version of the gun Tacklife HGP72AC with 1700W of power. Also with Large LCD Display and safe and convenient reliability has excellent value for money. E ‘can choose between two settings of the air flow for temperature settings: 4122℉-1202℉(50-650℃) -250-500L/min. E ‘equipped with a hook for stationary use in “free hand”.

Tacklife Heat Guns HGP73AC 1600W

The model HGP73AC is a tool instead of top quality and great performance with a strong power 1600watt motor. On this version, it is possible to adjust the temperature selector with from 50 ° C to 450 ° C and the air flow 360 l / min or 250 l / min, and to 90- 60)-500L/min. This is thanks to 7 Adjustable Heat Levels and with 3 Temp-settings. Equipped with a convenient and durable carrying case and a range of many accessories to further increase the capacity of use. You can consider this version of the heat gun tool for the most demanding handyman.

The range of accessories included is in fact composed by models of speakers to better direct the flow of air and concentrated more on the work area, a scraper with two interchangeable accessories and a spatula to remove the material heated. Finally, the soft handle and the ability to place upward the heat gun to use a “hands-free”, allow having a heat gun from the maximum versatility and great performance.

Important news for these two models is the fact that both are equipped with the intelligent Auto Reset Thermostat which allows detecting the temperature inside the gun. In case of excessive overheating of the heating elements. The system intervenes on the one hand blocking the creation of heat. Also, on the other hand ensuring the continuous emanation of the air flow. Thus restoring the heating elements at the correct temperature. In addition, to protect the safety of the user, such models are equipped with an internal fuse in order to avoid short-circuit phenomena and to ensure in this way a long lasting use of the tool.

Tacklife Heat Guns HGP74AC

Tacklife Heat Guns

Finally, the last model that completes the range of heat guns, a heat gun is the HGP74AC powered 1500 watts of power. E ‘can choose between 3 temperature settings. The first one ist to 70°C 250L/min.
The second :70°C to 450°C 250L/min, and the third 450°C to 600°C 500L/min. Between 3 and speed of the air flow (250 l / minand 500 l / min). Furthermore, always in order to ensure maximum versatility, for use with a pistol grip or in line for use in a continuous flow. Included are 5 nozzles for various applications and a scraper, all in a convenient carrying case.

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