Turn TV into a computer with Intel Compute Stick

Turn TV into a computer with Intel Compute Stick

Here I will present how to Turn TV into a computer. Now you can carry your pc into your pocket. Intel launches for the very first time Intel compute stick in the 2015 year, and always every year doing a new and with more power and better performance. With this stick, you can convert your TV into powerful pc. It itself is a mini pc which plugs into full-size HDMI port of monitor/TV.

Intel Compute Stick
Now you can transform your TV/Monitor into a full computer, which will allow you to check your email, play videos, share pictures, surf web Or do any work you want.

All you need is a wireless mouse and keyboard (prefer to use Bluetooth mouse and keyboard because it contains only 1 USB to attach).

Intel Compute Stick Specifications

This computer stick comes to two flavors windows and Linux. Here I will present W5 Pro Mini PC Intel Cherry Trail Computer Stick which comes with Windows 10. Where bing is the default search engine. This is when you first run it but you may change it in future.

It comes with very good Processor Quad-Core Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Processor which operating frequency 1.44 GHz/s rising to a 1.92 GHz.
This model comes with 2GB of RAM DDR3L, and have 32GB eMMC storage.
Also, have Integrated Graphics card.

Let’s come to the connectivity this device come with Bluetooth V4.0 and WIFI 2.4G Ethernet 100Base-T. Also, have Micro SD card slot for additional storage and One USB 3.0 and One USB 2.0. You need to buy an external mouse and keyboard Connect it via Bluetooth.

Pros: Small in size and Inexpensive.

Check the price at amazon.com

We hope this Tutorial “Turn TV into a computer with Intel Compute Stick” will be helpful for you.

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