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Universal laptop battery charger

Universal laptop battery charger

The universal laptop charger is the same as a standard laptop charger. However this typically has many DC connectors, and usually, such chargers are specific to a particular type and brand of laptop.

There are some new units such as the ProSeries unit with dual DC plugs that make it able to charge two devices at the same time as charging the laptop.

You need to put the adapter in the power socket. It consists of a led power indicator that will inform you whether the cell is charged or not.
Also, has other sockets which can be used for a netbook, iPod,
laptop, portable TV and other electronic devices. Some also have a 120v outlet on them.

The Universal laptop charger is another Auto DC charger. You can work on your laptop while it charges the laptop
battery. Such as original chargers.

There are multi power laptop chargers that support many laptop models such as, Compaq, Sony, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba,
NEC, Fujitsu, HP, Dell and many more. This unit is most suitable for boats, airplanes, other DC.

Universal chargers have many different varieties of pins for different types of models. Also, some models have a power LED
Some Universal car laptop chargers also have an adjustable output voltage and it protects the laptop from overload,
short circuit, internal overheating, and has an internal fuse.

ZOZO 90W AC Universal Laptop Charger

Universal Laptop charger 90W, this model compatible with most laptops and Chromebook. Also is easy to use just plug and play, comes with automatic voltage and worldwide input voltage 100-240V. The output voltage is from 15V to 20V max and 90W, also compatible with the laptop power adapter from 75W to 33W.
Note: It is not recommended charging laptops over 90W.

This model has 16 pins.
(M1)- : 15V. M3 : 16V. (M4) : 18.5V, 3.5A, 4.9A.
(M5) :19V, 2.37A, 3.42A, 4.74A. (M6) :19V, 3.16A, 4.74A.
(M8) :19.5V, 2A, 3.9A, 4.7A. (M9) :19.5V, 3.34A,4.62A.
(M11 :20V, 3.25A,4.5A. (M12) :18.5V, 3.5A,4.74A.
(M13) :19V,1.58A, 2.31A, 2.37A. (M18) :19V, 2.1A, 2.37A, 3.42A.
(M19) :19V, 2.37A, 3.42A. (M20) :19V, 3.42A,4.74A.
(M21) :19.5V, 2.31A, 3.33A. (M22) :19.5V, 2.31A, 3.34A,4.62A.
(M27) :20V 3.25A,4.5A.

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ASHATA Universal Laptop Power Adapter

This model is a 120W notebook charger, and come with 8 DC connectors, almost all of the DC connectors are universal for all laptop. Also, this model has a USB port, you can charge your USB device (phone, etc, etc.)
This model has adjustable multiple voltages from 12V to 24V.
The exterior part is made from aluminum, which helps to protect him from overheat, overload, short circuit protection, etc.

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Padarsey Universal Charger 96W

That model comes with 34pcs adapters which are compatible with most of the notebooks.
Also, has a 7 adjustable output voltage starting from DC 12V up to 24V.
This model has an international input voltage range which is AC110-240V and the power from 96W which make this universal laptop charger very useful.

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