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USB extender- what is it

In certain cases, a USB extender is used. One would ask, USB extender- what is it, well, it can be said that a USB extender is a cable which is used to connect the USB and the computer to one another. In certain USBs, the connection port is small and the device cannot be directly connected to the system. This mainly occurs when the hard disk drive has a large capacity. In such cases, the physical size of the device also increases and it needs a USB extension wire in order to get connected to the computer.

The extender has one plug at one end of it, which helps it connect to the flash drive. The other end has two sockets from which either of them can be connected to the system.

When the question arises, that what is a USB extender- what is it, it can be said that is is just a simple cable which helps the user attach the USB drive to the system in inaccessible parts. It usually comes with the USB when purchased from the market, but it can also be bought separately in the market and even online.

USB 3.0 Extension Cable, ApexOne

This cable is USB 3.0 and compatible with all USB connectors
You can use for your DVD burner, USB stick, USB hard disk, Mouse, Keyboard, PS4, Xbox, Printer and many more. And compatible is with USB 2.0 and 1.0 version.
Support 2.0A Quick Charge, and super-speed data transmission which can go up to 5Gbpd.
This model is designed from 3 layers. The first is with environmental PVC. The second is braid shielding and the third is from AL foil.

USB 3.0 Extension Cable ApexOne

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Easyday USB Extension Cable USB 3.0

This USB 3.0 A-Male to A-Female from “Easyday” is a high-speed extension cable for USB flash drive.

This model is USB 3.0 and also, is compatible with USB 2.0.
Also, whit this cable you can connecting your Windows tablet or Computer with; Keyboards, mouse, hard drives flash drives, printers, and many more peripherals.
This USB 3.0 extension uses less power, but this model has output power – up to 4.8 Gbit/s.
This model comes in different size starting from 1.6FT up to 16FT.

Easyday USB Extension Cable USB 3.0

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USB extender Cable 3.0

This model  USB extender is male to female extension and is USB 3.0.
You can use this cable for PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mac, etc.
USB 3.0 also compatible with USB 2.0, you can connect peripherals, such as; Printer, Hard Drivers, Camera, Keyboard, Mouse, Flash Drives, and many others.
The speed of this model is up to 5Gbps.
This is a plug and plays a universal system no need any driver or software.

CableVantage USB 3.0 Extension

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