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USB flash drives

About USB Flash Drives

USB devices are storage devices, used to store data which are based on a form of flash memory known as NAND technology. The small flash memory chip is coupled to a circuit board, which in turn is connected directly to a USB interface.

These are even used to transfer data from one system to another. These are easy to carry since their small physical size makes them portable in nature and their virtual sizes can range from several megabytes to several gigabytes. The size of the device is totally independent of its storage capacity.

Despite their tiny size, USB drives are able to store many hundreds of times more information than other traditional forms of storage media, such as CD. Flash drives have made the transfer and secure storage of everyday files easy. Their compact size and high storage capabilities allow users to store and exchange large files with ease, something not possible when data is stored on large internal hard drives.

Also, unlike traditional computer hard drives, flash drives contain no moving mechanical parts. Therefore they have very low power consumption, making them a much more efficient form of data storage. Unlike computer RAM memory chips, flash drives are a non-volatile form of memory.

This means that even the device is not drawing power from the host computer, the contents remain stored on the flash memory. The escalating use of such flash drives and their printable exterior have made them an excellent choice as a modern, high-impact promotional product.

SSD External,128 GB High Speed Flash Drive

This is like a portable SSD. Comes with Reading and Write speed of 500mb/s, which make this model 5 times faster than the ordinary flash drive
Also has a small design, the small design makes it easy to carry. This model has built-in M.2 solid-state drive and is USB 3.1Gen.
The size is only 2.8x 1x 0.4 inch. and comes with incredible storage size 128GB and has a model who is up to 512GB

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128GB USB 3.1 Gen

Another one 128GB USB with 3.1 Gen. The read speed on this model is up to 370MB/s and the write speed up to 160MB/s.
This model is compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, no need any software to install. Also compatible is with PC and Mac systems.
The design is small and easy to carry on.
The big storage from 128GB allows you to put many data such as; Movies, photos, music, software, and many other files.

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128GB USB Flash Drives, USB 3.0

Another high-speed USB 3.0 model which has a fast and stable A chip. The read/write speed up to 70MB/s and 5MB/s.
Also is compatible with USB 2.0.
This model has a big capacity from 128GB storage space, which you can put many of your movies, songs, photos, and many other documents.
This USB is small and lightweight and is plug and play. EASTBULL Thumb is made from the high-quality metal casing which gives good durability.

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