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Victorinox – Swiss Memory USB Storage Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox – Swiss Memory USB Storage Swiss Army Knife

Together with the Swiss data storage specialists at Swissbit AG, and also, the renowned manufacturer of the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox. Together have developed SwissMemory for computer users on the move. Modern, traditional and Made in Switzerland.

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Swiss Memory USB Storage Swiss Army Knife

This is one of the first original Swiss Army Knife has been equipped with a USB Memory facility. This is a trendy accessory, that is a perfect gift and business tool. The small all-rounder integrate with numerous useful tools and come in two versions: one of the Swiss Army Knife come with a stainless steel blade, a nail file with screwdriver, scissors, a ballpoint pen, a red light, Bottle Opener, Key Ring, and Wire Stripper; and the Air Travel version, which includes a red LED light and a ballpoint pen only.

Swiss Memory USB Storage Specifications

Swiss Memory USB Storage Swiss Army Knife comes with memory capacities from 16GB and , with USB 3.0/3.1 Technology.
The SwissMemory USB storage is very good for family or business projects, photos, mp3 audio files, video files and presentations – and also you can use with any USB* connection. Also here are LED lights signal, to know the stick is currently being written to or read from.
SwissMemory USB come with gold plated contacts which ensure outstanding data flow. SwissMemory USB is compatible with All Type of Operating systems such as; Mac OS, Linux, and Windows, and also is recognized as an external memory device. Also is possible to detach the USB stick from the main body.

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