What is a laptop cooling pad and how it works?

What is a laptop cooling pad and how it works?

Like a regular PC, laptops also get heated especially when they are placed on a table or in a lap. The cooling fans in a laptop are not that powerful like in a PC and therefore, cannot keep the laptop cooler. Laptop cooling pad helps them to stay cooler and cover the shortcomings of the regular stock cooling fan in the laptop.

What is a laptop cooling pad

What is a laptop cooling pad and how it works?

A laptop cooling pad is very important to keep the laptop cooler. The vents of a laptop or a notebook are under the main body, and if you are placing your laptop on a table or in your lap, it blocks the vents. A cooling laptop pad is placed under the laptop which keeps it cooler because of its mechanism. It is very usual that a laptop gets heated very often and more than a normal PC does.

This is really a problem since the processor can get into some trouble if the heat becomes high. The laptop even hangs sometimes because of overheating. This is a problem because all your current works might be lost if the laptop hangs. To solve this problem, the Laptop Cooling Pad comes in. This really comes in handy most of the times.

The main purpose of the laptop cooling pad is to reduce the operating temperature of the laptop.

The fan that comes with the laptop many times fails to serve its purpose. The fan that comes with the laptop is really not sufficient to cool the laptop since the laptop gets really hot sometimes. The laptop cooling pad as placed on a stable surface and the laptop is kept over it. The laptop cooler pad is actually made up of a crystalline material.

When the laptop is placed over the cooler pad the crystalline material changes into a gel sort of a substance which helps a lot in cooling. When the job is done, that is when the heat is reduced by a considerable amount the gel again changes into the crystalline substance.
This is the beauty of the laptop cooling pad. It changes its form as required.

The laptop cooler

The laptop cooler though has an adapter slot to power itself works most of the times on USB ports. This is because most of the users prefer it that way. It becomes really handy when you can power it with the laptop itself. This is really a huge advantage, especially for travelers. So almost all the laptop coolers come with a built-in USB Hub. The Laptop coolers also have other functionalities like having card readers which can read key drives and memory sticks. They can also read 2.5″ laptop hard disk drives. This is the most important reason why people prefer buying laptop cooling pads.

They have many uses and benefits as mentioned above. The laptop cooling pads do their work in two ways. The first is they draw heat out of the laptop base. The other way is blowing cool air into the laptop from underneath. Each cooler has own technique of doing its work. The fan speed is adjustable on some models, and in some models it is constant. It all depends on the model we get. Fore more cooling pad Click Here.

Popular Brands: Antec, Targus, ThermalTake, Cooler Master Cooling Pad, Titan, Belkin laptop cooling pad.

How Laptop Cooling Pad Working

The working of a laptop cooling pad depends on different manufacturers. Every brand has its own mechanism to make the laptops cooler. These different mechanisms are protected by design patents by the makers of the cooling pads.

The fact that the cooler also generates some heat which adds to the heat of the laptop. Although it consumes only 2.4 watts of power, but it adds to the final temperature of the laptop. This implies that the cooling effect is absolutely maximum. It has been observed from studies that the laptop does not heat as much when it is kept at an angle than when it is kept horizontally. This implies that we should not keep the laptop at an angle and not horizontally.

Free air cooling is also a very effective way of making the laptops cooler. This technique is also used by many pads to do the cooling process. It is just that the coolers using this technique are somewhat cheaper than the other types. The laptop cooler pad has a wave design on the surface which means that there is a wave design underneath the laptop.

This is highly success full in reducing heat generated. It uses natural methods to enhance the cooling effect. The other beautiful thing is that it requires very less power. It takes only a USB hub to make the laptop cooler functional. This means it takes up only 2.5 watts of power to run itself.

There are many companies that offer laptop cooling pads

There are many companies that offer laptop cooling pads with different cooling mechanisms. Some have a fan in the middle of it which forces air towards the sides to make the cooling really successful. Another feature is that they have locks which mean that they can lock themselves with the laptop which will ensure that there are no accidental breaks or falls. This really adds to the features. Since the laptop cooling pad takes power from the USB port, it does not mean that it will affect the life of your Laptop battery. In fact, the cooler can enhance the life of the battery by keeping it cool always.

This means that this takes real good care of the battery too. This is really easy to use since it does not require any software or driver to make it functional. This becomes real useful when there is no power (traveling) in the room which in turn increases the laptop’s temperature. The weight of the laptop cooling pad is very less and thin so it can be accommodated in your normal laptop bag and also does not require any power cables.

Do I need a laptop cooling pad?

Well, if you use laptop computers frequently and you have much valuable information stored on these laptops, then cooling pads are a good idea.

Not only do they increase the comfort of using your laptop, but they will help you to protect the hardware on your laptop also, and everything that is inside your notebook.

While it may be rare for a person to trash their laptop through overheating completely, it is not uncommon for the computer to shut down temporarily for just this reason. If you need the computer for an important presentation or other important business, this can cause lots of distress.

A laptop cooling pad, then, is recommended for those who really depend on their laptops for work or pleasure.

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

What is a laptop cooling pad

One of the most used model: They have one fan which provides a chill for your laptop, Apple MacBook Pro, etc.
They come with 160 mm fan, which speeds up to 1500 RPM.
This model of Cooler Master NotePal is heavy duty, but they had an ultra slim profile which is great for daily use or your gaming laptops.
Cable grooves allow for easy cable management
This model is powered by USB cable. Also, the good thing is that they has USB extension (pass through) so you don’t lose some of your USB ports.
This model is in various sizes including 15 inches and 17-inch Notebook. For Full Review Click Here.

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