Review of Bose SoundTouch 30 Series

Review of Bose SoundTouch 30 Series

Today Bose SoundTouch is one of the most popular audio systems for working with streaming audio services. Bose SoundTouch uses a wired or wireless home network and plays any music. In fact, Bose SoundTouch is a multiroom system that uses a Wi-Fi router and is controlled via a tablet or smartphone.

The speakers are waterproof. Therefore, the audio system is great for use in the bathroom, in the garden near the house or on the terrace.

The strict and stylish design of the audio system is ideal for almost any interior.

Bose SoundTouch

The model is available in black or white.

The insert of glossy plastic with a display is located in the middle of the front panel. The display shows the name of the station or track, Wi-Fi indicator, progress when installing updates, etc.

The back panel contains a bass reflex port and a set of interfaces.

Bose SoundTouch has Ethernet for wired network connection, micro-USB and USB for system setup and AUX for connecting devices via 3.5 mm jack.

This series includes three models.

Bose SoundTouch Portable is a portable audio system with built-in battery, providing several hours of battery life.

Bose SoundTouch 30 is an average option. This is a fairly versatile audio system with a good margin of power and medium size. It can be used as a central audio system for a small living room.

Bose SoundTouch 30 is designed for a spacious studio or home. It is perfect as a soundbar or external audio system for the TV.

Audio system uses four speakers that provide powerful clean sound for any musical genre.

The model supports settings and connected via a wireless Wi-Fi interface. Bose SoundTouch 30 requires a wireless access point, app for mobile devices and registration for initial setup.

The connection is performed via apps for iOS and Android. They are available in the AppStore and Google Play, respectively. The SoundTouch Music Server app is installed on the computer. Registration on the site is carried out with the help of the corresponding program.

Presets are assigned in the app using 6 buttons on the case or on the remote control after finishing the setting.

Presets provide quick access to Internet radio stations, podcasts or playlists of iTunes and to Deezer service. This procedure is quite simple due to detailed prompts in the dialog boxes. Adding a collection of music from NAS servers or Windows Media libraries is also available.

Working with programmable quick access presets is the main function of the SoundTouch app. The hidden menu provides access to the advanced menu. It contains the latest reproduced stations, a music library on mobile devices or on a PC, an Internet radio with a selection of filters and a search.

The app also provides access to registered systems and music services.


– a high quality of sound;

– universality;

– stylish design;

– wide functionality of the SoundTouch app;

– waterproof housing.


– unstable work of SoundTouch Music Server;

– the relative complexity of setting and assigning presets.


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