How to download and use offline Google Maps

When we are talking about Google Maps, we are talking about one of the most used apps in Google Play by Android users, and it is no big surprise that it is the default navigation app that comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones. Google map is a great app, and it allows you to use it on your smartphone even when you do not have any access to the internet (Offline use). However, if you do not have a data plan or if you are traveling from one to another country and don’t have an internet connection, you will not be able to use the app. This is why Google Maps is good because Google maps allow you to download the maps you want and save these maps offline. This way you can still navigate even when you do not have any internet access.
In this article, we go over the steps that you need to take to download and use Google Maps offline.

How to download and use offline Google Maps

Note: Before you start this process, Make sure you’re connected to the internet and you’re signed in to Google Maps.

Then find the Google Maps app and open it.

Once you open the Google Maps app, In the upper right corner Tap your profile picture or initials.

Google Maps profile picture

Then in the dropdown menu Choose Offline maps.

Google maps offline maps

And then Tap on SELECT YOUR OWN MAP!

Google maps Select your own map

Then here with the box select your map, once you select your map tap on download.

Google maps download

Note: If the square can not fit your map at once, you can do this several times.

Your maps will start to download.

Google maps Download maps

Once your maps are downloaded. Turn off your internet, and Search for a place, For example, City or Street!

google maps offline maps drive

In the following video listed below, you can see all these instructions.

We hope that this article, “ How to download and use offline Google Maps” is helpful for you.

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